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The ISIS Papers
A Compilation of Statemments of the Salafi Scholars Reagarding ISIS/ISIL [The So-Called “Islamic State of Iraq and Sham”]

3 The Muhaddith of Madeenah, ’AbdulMuhsin al-’Abbād al-Badr Speaks on ISIS/ISIL
10 Shaykh Sālih bin Sa’d as-Suhaymī on ISIS/ISIL
14 Shaykh Sālih bin Sa’d as-Suhaymī on Two of the Deviant Fronts Fighting in Syria
18 Shaykh Mashhūr Hasan Āl Salmān on ISIS/ISIL
22 Shaykh ’Ali bin Hasan al-Halabī al-Atharī on ISIS/ISIL
31 Shaykh Sa’d ash-Shithrī Speaks on ISIS/ISIL
35 Shaykh Mashhūr Hasan Āl Salmān on Whether there is a Hadeeth Which Mentions ISIS/ISIL
38 Shaykh Sālih as-Sindī on the Da’wah Salafiyyah Being Innocent of ISIS
[New update: 14/11/2014]
42 Shaykh ’AbdulHaq at-Turkumānī: Refutation of Those Who Permit Killing Aid Workers from Relief Organisations
47 Appendix 1: Analysis of ’Abdullah Faisal al-Jamaykee’s “Plea” for the Release of Alan Henning; a Recap of Faisal’s Statements Over the Last Twenty Years
52 Appendix 2: ISIS Are Not Salafi: With an Expose of the Most Disingenuous Journalistic Articles and Comments Which Claim to Posit Otherwise; Such as the Articles by Ed Husain, Irfan Ahmed Alawi, Peter Welby of Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation, Hassan Hassan in the Guardian, the Conspiract Theorist David Livingstone, ‘Abu Hashim’ and others



Why is the da’wah of ISIS spreading, and why are so many Muslims from Europe joining ISIS?

by Shaykh ’AbdulMalik ar-Ramadānī al-Jazā’irī (hafidhahullāh).

Part one:


Part two:



Shaykh, Dr Abū Anas Hamad al-’Uthmān (hafidhahullāh) on the prohibition of transgression when fighting

with additional notes and benefits related to the use of manjaneeq from Imām Al-Mujtahid, Ibn Ul-Munāsif’s (563-620 AH) Kitāb Ul-injād fī Abwāb Il-jihād and from Shaykh ’AbdulMālik Ar-Ramadānī Al-Jazā’irī (hafidhahullāh)




Dr. Yasir Qadhi and his Unusual Method of “Looking Back” to Change How “We Look Forward” A serialised critique of the lecture “Change & Modernity...