About Us

What is SalafiManhaj.com?

SalafiManhaj.com is a website dedicated to the propogation of authentic Islam, without addition or distortion, as it was taught to us by our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ‎,by providing English translations of authentic Islamic information for free. We also provide original English articles on current issues.

Who is behind this website?

The website is the combined work of a number of individuals in a range of countries, with varying levels of contribution. From them, are:

Khalid Knight (Admin)
Aboo Ameenah AbdurRahmaan (Research)
AbdulHaq ibn Kofi ibn Kwesi al-Ashanti (Translation and research)
Taalib ibn Tyson al-Britaanee (Translation)
Aboo Hayyaan bin AbdulGhafoor (Translation)

Why is all of your text based content in PDF format?

We provide a lot of articles and translations for free, so keeping them in PDF format is designed to make it more difficult for others to copy our content with the intention of rebranding it and making a profit.

Why do I have a problem viewing your PDFs? Some of the content isn’t displaying correctly.

You may have problems with viewing our PDFs if you open them directly in Firefox. In order to avoid incorrectly displaying content, we recommend downloading the PDF and opening it using offline software, or using another browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Important Disclaimer

Please note that SalafiManhaj.com does not necessarily agree with every single statement or juridicial view of every scholar, academic, preacher or teacher who may be mentioned on our site. Although SalafiManhaj.com views that the scholars, academics, preachers or teachers referred to on the site are of a wholly sound Islamic methodology and credo, we are not accountable for all other views, juridicial or otherwise, which may be expressed in other works and writings of scholars, academics, preachers and teachers cited on the site. Where necessary, and in order to facilitate elucidation during the translation process, further explanation may be given in footnotes to translations to ensure misconceptions are not conveyed in translation.